Oh please…
Don’t Do it again
The major operation
To create a situation
We were still talking that
It’s kind of find
The next day 5 thirty
I wake up
So many calls from my mom
The war is starting
2000 22
They think that we’re the same
There really was no trigger
For some reason
It escalated really fast
It’s Amerika again
Like they does
What is needed
Is getting into
A bus to Lüblinn
Quite a trip
I didn’t sleep
Faces and claims/games
Woosing migh lelijun
Pleasure to meet you MrBlinghofsperger
A brief history of mine
Gorgeous Landscape painting
The possibilities are getting rarer
Hommiesplage an Mssr M‘adieu
They add and add
They can’t go in all the directions
In this kind of situation you reevaluate
When you need the safety
And the silence
The intervention
Might be a sign
A glitter of attention
I don’t know if they kept it
The closer to the east
Koffer water and food
Halbe Trip
I’d there anything I can do
Most of what you hear
Kinderzimme kommen Problem
Ted Berglund‘s theory of space and rhyme
Nowhere’s hand
This story started long ago