Good News For Dark Days


James Thorton, head of public interest law firm Client Earth, holds governments around the world accountable for environmental damage


The great African regreening: millions of ‚magical‘ new trees bring renewal


D.C. just passed a historic bill mandating 100 percent renewable power by 2032


Quoting ‚The Lorax‘, court pull permit for pipeline crossing Appalachian Trail


Tony Rinaudo’s regeneration technique developed in west Africa 30 years ago has helped bring back forest over 6m hectares

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Fishermen sue big oil for its role in climate change


China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution


Award winning solar scientist Martin Green says the technology is being underestimated in climate predictions


World bank to invest $200bn to combat climate change

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Man postpones retirement to save reefs after he accidentally discovers how to make coral grow 40 times faster

Democratic Representative-elect Ocasio-Cortez attends class photo for new members of the House on Capitol Hill in Washington

After years of infighting, the Democrats may finally have found an environmental consensus in the Green New Deal.

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Scientists accidentally discovered a plastic eating enzyme that could revolutionize recycling


China just built a 250-acre solar farm shaped like a giant panda