What we do

TOO SEXY FOR THIS PLANET is here to help. We’re here to organize, motivate, and galvanize all the humans. We’re here to brainstorm and change everything. We want our world. We must act swiftly. We use all the tools. We make new tools. We’ll jackknife our way out of extinction. We want unity and we need everyone on board. We want to make babies without fear. We want to fill stadiums. We want to tap in not tap out. If you believe there’s a problem, then join us and the millions out there like us. Bring all your ideas and all your friends. Gather everybody. There’s enough evidence out there to warrant action from all of us. Now is the time to plant seeds, activate individuals and organizations, fight, be subversive, kill problems with art and beauty, and sing and dance and love ourselves and our planet.

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