We’re too sexy for this planet. We need a sexier planet.


Advancing complex and radical political agendas in the face of a rapidly approaching apocalypse is a heart-wrenching, exhausting, and quite often lonely task. We’re here to help. In the face of the undeniable end, we’ve formed an activist support group with two goals: changing the world and having as much fun as we can, while we can. The lights are going up on this party and we’re gonna die by disco. We want company, coziness, and fun in the face of facts that make it easy to be fearful and terribly, wretchedly depressed. TOO SEXY FOR THIS PLANET is a group of frustrated, fun loving, angry people looking to affect constructive change and live life to the maxxx. We need to grow. FAST. We need AMPED, WOKE, and SEXY humans who want to tip the balance back in our favor. So, if you’re looking for company brainstorming, sharing ideas, and being creatively active in the fight to save our planet, and want to have a blast as we watch this ball boil, be in touch!

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